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X-Ray Recycling

xrayAccording to HIPAA regulations, x-ray films must be safely destroyed or recycled as they contain confidential healthcare data. Recycling medical records is a potent step toward data security instead of throwing the films away in the garbage. Besides, you can also reclaim silver from your recycled x-ray films. Quite a win-win situation.


In New York, healthcare providers can safely retain x-rays and medical records for a set timeframe, i.e., at least six years after the patient’s discharge. Once that period completes, safe disposal becomes your responsibility.

According to HIPAA, physicians and health care facilities can destroy x-ray films on- and off-site. So, regardless of your choice, the process must be carried out to protect confidentiality.


Data-Struction is a certified, HIPAA-compliant x-ray recycling company offering cashback for your x-ray films. We assure safe disposal under necessary compliance regulations. We also provide you with the Certificate of Destruction indicating that all records are recycled to industry standards.


At Data-Struction, we have the capabilities to recycle x-rays that are considered Protected Health Information (PHI) under HIPAA. We understand the importance of adequately destroying your x-ray films in compliance with the mandatory federal regulations.

Our professionals place secure containers at your location where you can dump all films in a safe and mess-free manner. Once the bins fill up completely, we get those picked from your facility, and the containers are safely delivered back to us for further actions.


Whether you are an independent practitioner or a large facility, you must protect your patient’s health data, including x-ray films, at all costs.

After the purpose is served, recycling proves safe and inexpensive to free up your space and properly dispose of confidential x-ray data.

At Data-Struction, your films are destroyed and recycled beyond recognition. We offer fast, convenient, and safe x-ray recycling solutions.

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