Why Us?

Because we care!

Document shredding is imperative, and so is choosing a certified shredding company.

Storing copious amounts of the sensitive business information on paper is incredibly unsafe. It can leave you vulnerable to identity theft, data breach, and even corporate espionage. However, improper disposal can also lead to unimaginable consequences.

Shredding is a serious business. It is best to leave it to the pros at Data-Struction


When you choose Data-Struction Inc., we don’t just shred paper; we shred liabilities. Our professionals safely shred your documents beyond recognition while keeping you compliant with various federal and state statutes. We are equipped to ensure there are no cracks in your security armor.


You cannot underestimate the convenience of using a professional shredding service provider. At Data-Struction Inc., we have trained, uniformed, and insured service reps that efficiently take the process from start to end.

When you use our services, we deliver locked document storage receptacles for the accumulation of documents. Once the bins get full, we transfer them to our highly secure shredding company facility. Besides, all collections happen timely, respecting your work boundaries.


While getting your own office shredder might sound better, professional shredding is always more beneficial and certainly cost-effective.

Your office shredding equipment can get inefficient, employee productivity can be hampered, and dealing with a breach is again troublesome.

When outsourcing document shredding, you’re paying for the smart shred mobile services you need. No training, no equipment hassle, no headache.

At Data-Struction Inc., our pricing structure makes us different from other shredding companies around. We have industrial-grade shredders that can finely shred up to 20,000 pounds of paper an hour. This ultimately helps us bring increased savings to our clients.


Is your office shredded inefficient to shred the document load you possess? Data-Struction has your back. We have trained professionals to safely, timely, and efficiently destroy these documents. Our complete shredding solution company prices vary by volume. Besides, we also provide a Certificate of Destruction to comply with the privacy legislation. Call us at 516-442-1624 today to request a free, no-obligation quote.